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Python Development

Python Development

Infonix Service Technology

Infonix Service Technology provide you the best Python Training in Dehradun, Mohali . The training involved in Website Development and Desktop Applications. We have best faculty in this region. We are basically the development company having separate division for training, where we give training on Real Live Projects which will give you the flavor of employment. High end meting out systems with internet way in makes the students to study, practice and work professionally and to clear their fears immediately.

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Python Development Courses Offered By IST

    Python Training in Dehradun, Mohali

  • Executing Python from Command line and from IDLE
  • Datatypes, Nameing conventions and reserve words
  • Basic Syntax, Comments, Simple programs based on arithematic operations and simple message printing
  • String values , String Operations, String formatting, String operators, String Methods
  • Data conversions, Input from User-input() and raw_input, difference between print and print()
  • Control Flow and Syntax ,indentation, Operators- Arithematic, Logical, Comparison, Identity and Membership operators
  • Loops-for, while, do-while ,Statements- if, if- else


  • Introduction to List,Tuple,Dictionary.
  • Concatenation of two lists
  • Converting list into tuple
  • List Methods, Dictionary methods-len(), append(),index(), sort() etc
  • Database

  • Introduction and establishing connection
  • Executing Queries
  • Transactions
  • Handling errors

    Django Framework

  • Introduction to MVC
  • Starting new Project
  • Creating App
  • Activating App
  • Database Creation
  • Creating Superuser
  • Migrating data to DB
  • Python Shell
  • Login and Signup form
  • Creating Templates
  • Connecting Templates to App, Making Project

    Classes and Objects

  • Classes- Introduction to classes, objects, methods
  • use of self variable
  • Constructor and Destructor
  • Creating classes and Instance methods
  • Special methods

    CGI Programming

  • Introduction and Architecture
  • CGI environment variables, html in Python, Website design
  • Get and Post methods, Form validations
  • Cookies and Session
  • File Upload and Download

    GUI Programming

  • Introduction to GUI programming
  • Concepts of GUI programming, window,button,menus, radio buttons, checkboxes creation.
  • Practise work on GUI programming
  • Tkinter programming,Tkniter widgets
  • Desktop application

    Inheritance and Polymorphism

  • class variable and inheritance
  • Types of inheritance
  • Use of super() Method
  • Method Overriding
  • Custom exception
  • Exception Handling-Errors, Run time Errors
  • Handling multiple exceptions-try,except,finally
  • Raise Own Exception

    Socket Programming

  • Introduction
  • Sockets
  • Socket modules-sending and receiving data to server
  • Methods
  • Client and Server

    Other Modules

  • Sendmail
  • Text to speech
  • Speech to Text
  • Generate Bar-code
  • Sending OTP
  • Messaging API

    Functions and Modules

  • Functions- Introduction to functions, defining and Calling Functions
  • Types of Function arguments
  • Variables- Local and Global
  • Passing functions to a functions
  • Modules- how to include module, creating own modules and including them on other pages


  • Starting a thread
  • Threading module
  • Synchronizing thread
  • Multithreadded priority
  • Access Specifiers

  • Public
  • Protected
  • Private

    File Handling

  • File Handling- read, readline,readlines,write, writelines.
  • Access Modes -read, write and append mode. Using with statemet, closing file
  • tell() and seek() Methods
  • Rename and delete file


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