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Coding is all about Guidance, Practical, Practice and Creativity

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Director Message

Education is not prepration for life but education is life itself.This adage is perhaps best reflected in the commintted employee strongly believed in-that education is vital for the overall progress of a community...and it is this vision that saw the birth of the Infonix Service Technology helping to develop human resources who can take up challanges ,with an aim to provide the nation with competent managerial personnel.

Coding is all About Guidance, Practical, Practice & Creativity!!!

Infonix service will be cost effective; quality oriented and carries clear cut norms and standards for training group of individuals, who can prove their capabilities with exellent management skills.Our institute strive to provide the best infrastructure ,eminent faculty and quality courses.Institute prepares every students to to face tough enviornment and the challanges the will be faing in their carrer..


Prepare students for the corporate sector !!
Our vision is to take the students from zero to hundred ( 0-100 )

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