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Infonix Service Technology

C , C++ Development

C , C++ Development

Infonix Service Technology

Infonix Service provide you best C Training Course in Dehradun, Mohali. We have best faculty in this region. We are basically the development company having separate division for training where we give training on real time projects which will give you the flavor of employment. High end meting out systems with internet way in makes the students to study, practice, and work professionally and to clear their fears immediately. Our C Training Dehradun aims to teach beginners and employees. Difference between C and C++,Both the languages have a similar syntax. Code structure of both the languages are same. The compilation of both the languages is similar. They share the same basic syntax. Nearly all of C’s operators and keywords are also present in C++ and do the same thing. C++ has a slightly extended grammar than C, but the basic grammar is the same. Basic memory model of both is very close to the hardware. Same notions of stack, heap, file-scope and static variables are present in both the languages.

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C , C++ Development Courses Offered By IST

    What is C ?

  • Execution of C Program
  • History
  • Structure of C Program

    Variables and Keywords

  • Character Set
  • Character Set
  • Identifier
  • Variable
  • Keywords
  • Escape Sequence Characters


  • Real Constant
  • Integer Constant
  • Character Constant
  • String Constant


  • Assignment Operator
  • Arithmetic Operators
  • Logical Operators
  • Relational Operators
  • Shorthand Operators
  • Unary Operators
  • Conditional / Ternary Operator
  • Biwise Operators
  • Operator Precedence and Associativity
  • If Statement
  • If-Else Statement
  • Nested If-Else
  • Switch Case

    Looping Statements

  • Looping / Iterative Statements
  • While
  • Do while
  • For loop
  • Break Statement
  • Continue Statement
  • Goto
  • Function call by passing value
  • Function call by returning value
  • Function call by passing and returning value
  • Recursion

    Header Files

  • Header File
  • Assert.h
  • Ctype.h
  • Math.h
  • Process.h
  • String.h
  • Time.h


  • Structure
  • Array in Structures
  • Structure with Array
  • Difference between array and structure
  • Pointer


  • Union
  • Difference between structure and union
  • Strings
  • File Handling

    Storage Classes

  • Storage Classes
  • Automatic Storage Class (auto)
  • Register Storage Class (register)
  • Static Storage Class (static)
  • External Storage Class (extern)


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